Please have a look at our narrow textile accessories stock collection. We are in the process of expanding this collection, so more accessories will be added in the near future. If you are looking for products that are not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to find the right textile solution.

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Please have a look at our narrow textile accessories stock collection. We are in the process of expanding this collection, so more accessories will be added in the near future. If you are looking for products that are not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you to find the right textile solution.

Custom narrow textile accessories:

In addition to our standard collection, Ribbon & Rope can also develop products for you. Are you looking for new narrow texile accessories or do you want a product with specific features or a special appearance, don’t hesitate to fill in our custom product form!

Textile accessories? We take that very seriously!

“And we only supply the best accessories.” How often do you read that? The large selection of the best accessories is almost always bitterly disappointing. This is not the case when you do business with us. With us, you actually find a nice selection of accessories, which in some cases are simply indispensable. For this reason, we are constantly expanding our offer. We therefore recommend to regularly take a look at our website. Because what is not there now, may be there next week. And should you miss something specific? Then please contact us. We will find a suitable solution.

Check out our range of accessories, including sliding buckles and jump rope.

Accessories also include jumping elastic of 2.20 metres long. We deliver it in a box of fifty pieces. The sports industry in particular uses it extensively. The slide buckles are also very popular accessories. We have 25 and 30 millimetre slide buckles in 25-piece bags. Slide buckles are very popular in the bag industry. This way, you can easily attach the printed flag to the pole or foot. The flag hook has been a regular feature of our impressive range of accessories for a long time. This hook is used to attach various types of beach flags and also square flags. With this hook, you can easily attach the printed flag to the pole or the base. In addition, choosing a flag hook is also choosing a neat finish. In fact, the same applies to accessories in the form of D-rings. They are 25 millimetres, and we supply them in a bag of 500 pieces. D-rings are used a lot in the sign industry.

Indispensable in accessories: the tailor’s scissors

In our opinion, the tailor’s scissors are an indispensable product within our accessories range. Because even though you have bought the best fabric from us, you still have to be able to cut the fabric the right way. With our tailor’s scissors, you will have no trouble doing so. Especially for heavy fabrics, these scissors are perfect. The good qualities of the scissors last a long time, not in the least because of the use of carbon metal in the production of these scissors. We can offer you these scissors in a luxury box and if you want, you can even design the box yourself. Talking about customised solutions. Our accessories also include elastic drawstring, a cord that has two snap closures. You can buy this cord in bundles of 8, 10, 12 and 16 metres and we offer you these magic cords in boxes of fifty cords.

The accessories complete our offer

Our accessories complete our offer. With these products, we make it easier for you to use the products you buy from us. This is why we take our accessories offer so seriously, and why we are constantly expanding it. Only in this way, we can make it easier for you. We from Ribbon & Rope can offer you for over thirty years everything in the field of ribbon, cord and elastic and many related products.

This way, the use of our products gets easier

No, our accessories will not just hang there. With us, the promise that we offer a wide range is really a promise. No empty words. We value these products, which make the other products you buy from us much easier to use. For this reason, we are always looking to expand our offer in order to make things as easy as possible for every customer. So check out our offer regularly and make it easier for yourself.

The best accessories

Accessories are not just an afterthought with us. On the contrary. We want to provide you with the best service at all times, and we believe that includes providing you with the best accessories. Our range is already large and varied. For example, we offer flexible flag hooks, metal flag hooks, D-rings, flaghook double, hooks for beach flags, elastic tensioners, tailor’s shears, slide buckles, Side release buckles, clean wipers, jumping elastics, sewing threads and even an automatic cutting machines from stock. They are small and large accessories that make working with our products easier. And that is exactly what we like to offer you: convenience and usability.

Automatic cutting machine

For example, we wholeheartedly recommend the automatic cutting machine. With this machine you are able to cut cords, tapes, elastics and hook and loop fasteners to exact lengths. The machine can be described as handy and very fast. With the automatic cutting machine, you can achieve a speed of up to 60 cuts per minute and a lot of work can be taken out of your hands. Moreover, you know that exactly the right length is cut in exactly the right way. The blade used for cutting is cooled. As a result, you can use this machine for a long time.

Products for many industries

Our range of products is impressive, and we certainly don’t just mean our elastics. It also includes tapes, hook and loop fasteners, cords, zips and accessories. Accessories? Yes, we offer them in abundance too, especially textile accessories. We promise that our range will be constantly expanded. What do you think of flag hooks, flag hooks made of metal, D-rings, double flag hooks, beach flag hooks and bungee loops with hooks? Our accessories also include tailoring scissors, slide buckles, side buckles and sewing threads. But our accessories also include, for instance, the automatic slicer. We supply accessories for all industries.

About Ribbon & Rope

In thirty years we have managed to build up a great reputation. We are proud of this, as we supply the best products and do this at attractive prices. Our stock management system is lauded and so are our fast delivery times. We know better than anyone that you want to get your products as quickly as possible. In addition, our service receives widespread praise. With our experience and expertise, we are also able to devise a suitable solution like no other. So if you are looking for specific products or tools that you can’t find in our range, just contact us. After all, customisation and innovation are also things that have emphatically made us so popular over the past thirty years.

Innovative and dynamic

When existing customers are asked what they consider to be our strengths, it is not unusual for them to mention the fact that we are constantly offering new products. It is something we are very pleased about, because we are always trying to innovate. It would, therefore, be a wonderful challenge to develop something unique for you, too. Developments in the field of hook and loop fasteners never stop. On the contrary, if you take a look at our range, you will see that we experiment quite a bit with the materials we use. Take, for instance, the mushroom and velour hook and loop fasteners. We explain the advantages of these new materials elsewhere on this website. Standing still is going backwards. We are well aware of this, which is why we never stand still and why we continue to be this dynamic company.