Create your own custom product

If you couldn’t find the product you were searching for, there’s no need to worry. We are here to help you to develop a product that meets your needs. When it comes to creating a custom product, the possibilities are endless.

Creating a new product involves a few simple steps to ensure that we meet all of your requirements. On this page, we will walk you through this process, from first contact to delivery. At the bottom of this page, we show an overview of custom items that we have developed over the last couple of months.

1. Let’s talk

Developing a custom product starts with a good conversation about your wishes, needs and application. We provide all kinds of semi-finished products like: webbing, cord, elastic, zippers and accessories. Our colleagues will map out the possibilities regarding the product and process. Together we determine the raw materials, width, colour, application, packaging, and more in a game plan.

2. Get a suitable offer

As soon as we have gathered all the necessary information, we will start with a suitable offer. Due to our knowledge of raw materials and our products, we can make a calculation and give an idea regarding the price levels. We also give an estimated delivery time.

3. Prototyping

The third step is all about prototyping. We start with making a (digital) example and check if the requested specifications can be developed.
Then we start with the first samples. Sometimes the first sample(s) will be plain, without logo or corporate identity. By starting with a plain sample, we accelerate the development of a prototype. This allows you to start testing quickly.

4. Testing

Now it is up to you. You received all the samples and now it is time they are put to the test. At this stage we keep track of the process to make sure everything goes as planned. We always enjoy getting examples or pictures from your project or product.

5. Order

When we successfully completed all the steps, we start producing. We make sure that you are always aware of the planning, production and shipping. When the production is finished you receive an email with an estimated delivery and packing list. After we checked the quality of the product, we send you your product. To facilitate tracking, you will receive a track & trace code.

Are you enthusiastic? Feel free to contact us.

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Custom items we recently developed

Tape Dyed

Yarn Dyed

Yarn Dyed

Tape Dyed

Flame Retardant

Self Adhesive

Easy to recycle



Punches holes

Punched dots

Hook & Loop + D-ring

Hook & Loop + Snapflaghook

Zipper with magnetic closure

Bungee Elastic with T-Bar





Personalised card

R&R Packaging

Personalised card

R&R Packaging

Distinctive by offering customization

Customization is another frequently used term. Virtually every provider in any sector talks about customized solutions. We do that too. The big difference, however, is that we actually put our money where our mouth is. Apart from the standard products in the known colours and standard sizes, we can offer you real customized solutions in many different ways.

When processing products such as cord and elastic, it is not only the quality that is important. We also like to think along with you, for example, about the perfect packaging for you, which makes processing easier and also reduces waste production. For this reason, we offer our products in rolls, spools and bundles. Talking about customization. If you have special requirements, just contact us.

We love a challenge, and we never say “no” to our customers. More is possible than you think and would have thought. Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes. After all, there is nothing we like more than delivering customized solutions.

Used for semi-finished products for various brands

It is a fact that many of our customers process our products into semi-finished products for different brands. In order to serve them even better, we are very happy to provide tailor-made solutions. For example, the products can be put in the machine faster and can therefore be processed quicker. We simply like to make things easier for our customers, and it is no coincidence that our service is so highly regarded.

Are you looking for a new product, a different size, colour, thickness, or do you want something in your house style or have your logo incorporated in a product? With us, much more is possible than you initially see and think. It is not for nothing that we develop hundreds of products every yea, and that alone makes regular visits to our website more than worthwhile.

We distinguish ourselves with customization

Customized products can also be made to be flame retardant on request. In this case, a finish is applied to slow down and suppress the burning process. It may also be that you would like to have a customized anti-fungal finish. This provides extra protection against bacteria and mould. You can also choose UV resistance, which will protect it from radiation and also give the product a longer life.

Customization also means choosing water-repellent properties, for example. In this case, water will slide through the applied finish of the tape and it will not absorb moisture either. The products are available in various lengths, in rolls, spools and bundles. It really is just a matter of you asking and us doing.

Dimensions to fit your machine exactly, so we also reduce waste

In rolls, the products are available in different lengths, which at least keeps waste production to a minimum. Would you like it on a spool? Even then, we can offer you different dimensions and also those that fit exactly on the machine. For retail we have bundles. Especially for smaller packages, a bundle is very suitable. We know better than anyone that every company is unique and has its method of operation. We always try to offer our products in such a way that there is hardly any waste and it is just easier for the customer. Providing customized results is in our genes. And this has been the case for over thirty years now.

The perfect finishing touch and the ultimate cherry on top

When we think of customization, we naturally think of our own logo or the colours in our company’s house style, for example. We can provide the perfect colours and prints, the perfect finishing touch and the cherry on top. Do you have special wishes regarding the colour or would you like to see your corporate identity reflected in the products? Depending on your exact requirements, with our special webbings, elastic bands and hook and loop fasteners we can develop just the right products to suit your needs and your company’s style. You have custom-made work and you have our work made to measure. And those are two different worlds.

We never make the customer wait longer than strictly necessary

We can already call ourselves a leader when it comes to cordtape and elastic. For over thirty years, we have been able to surprise our customers with the best and ever newer products. Our sophisticated stock management system is well-known, as we always deliver our products quickly. We understand like no other that you want to get your products quickly. So we never make you wait longer than necessary. Our innovations do the rest, just as we can always offer customized solutions. Tailor-made work is difficult to describe. Therefore, if you have special wishes, it is wise to just contact us. Then we can work it out together.

Cut to length

Customization is also printing, a printed tape that is, for example, self-adhesive for easy attachment. Or a woven version in the form of a polyester strap with a woven logo, made on a weaving machine. We can work in full colour and always have tape in stock. We can also print in solid colours of course. Have you ever considered woven labels? You can also choose a woven logo, completely according to your own design. Nothing seems impossible when doing business with us and that is what we aim for. We will not shy away from any challenge in this regard.

For us, customization can also be something like punching, and cutting pieces to size with the holes punched. We are happy to cut your elastics to length and can do both hot and cold cutting. This prevents products from fraying