Ribbon & Rope  has many types of cord for example for flags, flag poles, cord with core and lead cord. We also offer decorative cord and we keep skipping-rope and round elastic on stock. Cord can be used in many industries: sign, sailing, sports, agriculture and interior. If you desire a certain colour or diameter, please contact us for a pricelist and we will inform you.

Cord and rope collection from stock

Our standard collection is always available in large quantities from stock. As a result, orders placed before 3 p.m., will be shipped the same day.

Custom cords on request:

In addition to our standard collection, Ribbon & Rope can also develop products for you. Are you looking for a new braided, knitted, or twisted rope or do you want a product with specific features or a special appearance, don’t hesitate to fill in our custom product form!

The many applications of our versatile cords

We are proud to hear that more and more people are calling us specialists and that we are known for delivering only the best tapes, elastics, hook-and-loop, cords, zippers, accessories and fabrics. We always deliver the best quality and we are also aware that the products should also simply look beautiful. We are also very proud of the cord we offer.

We offer cords that can be used for flags, flagpoles and lead weight cord. In addition, we supply decorative cord and jump rope, and we also have round elastic on stock. Cords are used in various industries, such as sign making, sail making, sports, agriculture and interior design. Although we usually deliver cord in standard sizes, customised solutions are always possible. So, if you want a certain colour with a certain diameter, do not hesitate to contact us.