Zippers collection from stock!

Ribbon & Rope supplies zipper tape in white and black, adjustment on rolls, directly from stock. Do you need a matching zipper slider? No problem!  Do you want more information about the possibilities in different colours? Don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Spiral zippers & zipper pullers are often used in a variety of industries like the sign, sail and the interior industry. Spiral zippers and zipper pullers are versatile components found in applications like pillows, seating and clothing but also used in industrial applications like screens, displays, stands, mattresses, tents etc. 


We use various materials and even combine materials to produce spiral zippers and zipper pullers. There are several raw materials from which spiral zipper tapes are produced. Ribbon & Rope choses the most suitable raw material as the basis for a product. There are several reasons that are decisive in the selection process, but the most important are features & appearance.

  • FEATURES: The product must meet certain user characteristics.
    Zippers for pillows that are frequently exposed to sunlight should be UV resistant.
  • APPEARANCE: The product must ultimately have a certain appearance.
    For example, we can supply zippers with an open end or closed end depending on the application.
Custom spiral zippers & zipper pullers.

We supply polyester spiral zippers from stock. We can provide zippers in specific lengths and appearances. We can offer a wide range of sliders on request: varnished, metallised, lock or non-lock, one-sided or double-sided. We are more than happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of our different zippers and zipper pullers.

In addition to our standard collection, Ribbon & Rope can also develop zippers for you. Are you looking for a specific length with an open or closed end or do you want a zipper with specific features or a special appearance, don’t hesitate to fill in our custom product form!

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