Every person is born with talent. Are you aware of your talents and how do you want to use them? “Doing what you are good at” is our goal. That motivates and gives energy. We give you the space to further explore, fully deploy and develop your talents. We want to continue to exchange ideas and challenges our employees. You are ultimately responsible for your own development. Ofcourse we will keep an eye on your needs in line with the developments or our organization. What you want must be within your and our capabilities. If we want to remain successful, and determine the right direction. Self-reflection and the will to develop are ingredients for growth.


We are proud to say that the team is complete and ready to go!


Thank for your interest in applying to a RIBBON & ROPE Internship. You’ll find out what the textile industry is really like, from the inside. We have several  projects open. You’ll receive regular and structured performance evaluations and support from your mentor and direct supervisor. We are looking forward to receiving your application.