History of Ribbon & Rope

Ribbon & Rope has a story of passion and quality. Let us take you on our tour through time and find out more about Ribbon & Rope.


The start of Jabeco

Jan, Berend and Koen, three students studying small business, decided to take a unique approach to their studies by establishing a startup called Jabeco. This venture allowed them to explore new business possibilities and learn valuable entrepreneurial skills.


New challenges

The company enjoyed early success, but eventually Berend and Koen went their separate ways, allowing Jan to focus exclusively on the production of narrow textiles and stockings, a decision that ultimately proved fruitful.



Quality is the key. Jabeco decided to specialize even more in narrow textiles and said goodbye to all unrelated products. The office made room for two new desks. The third and fourth colleagues joined the team.



As knowledge and product range accumulated over time, we saw significant growth in our customer base. This required a larger office with warehouse to accommodate the additional staff and stock. We found this in “De Grote Beer” in Den Bosch. Additionally, we expanded production from Europe to the Far East.



Warehouse storage capacity was expanded in 2010 with the addition of two new buildings at numbers 19 and 21, allowing more goods to be stored and offering quick delivery times.



At Ribbon & Rope, quality is of utmost importance. To ensure the best level of quality, the company ­­­­­has set up a competent quality department that inspects every product before it leaves the factory.

No tape can hide anything from Ribbon & Rope’s quality department



Investing in staff and organisational development can be done in various ways, such as providing textile and sales training, enhancing personal knowledge and promoting better collaboration through the use of Insite profiles. This approach along with trainee reports not only promotes employee self-reflection, but also improves overall teamwork and productivity.


30 Years experience

JABECO has been the expert in producing and developing high-quality webbing for a wide range of industries for more than 30 years.

We have more than 5,000 different products in stock. Thanks to our large stock, our quality products are always within reach.


Time for a change

This year it was time for a change. The organization has never been so structured and we were proud to present this to our customers. That’s why it was time for a brand new identity. In this process we determined our unique selling points and core values. The long experience in the narrow textile industry combined with thirty years of improvement, challenges and growth resulted in:

Ribbon & Rope house of narrow textiles.


What to expect next

Dynamic organisations are about continuous development and adaptation. Anticipating and participating in the movement of the organisation and adding value to it. This is what makes us strong. That is why development is central in our organisation. From 1 April, we will therefore rigorously renovate our premises, allowing us to improve internal traffic and serve