Two-way coil zipper water-repellent No. 5

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Product specifications:

  • Material: Tape: Polyester/TPU, Teeth: Polyester, Slider: Zinc
  • Packaging: Bag 10 pieces
  • Applications: Clothing, tents, bags.
  • Minimum order quantity:  1000 pieces
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Two-way coil zipper water-repellent No. 5 in many lengths and colours.


  • Water-repellent
  • Open (partially) at both the bottom and the top
  • High horizontal strength
  • Heat Resistant & Stainless
  • Easy to process


Ribbon & Rope offers various materials / products for finishing (sports) clothing, (rain) coats, suitcases, outdoor equipment such as awnings. tents and bags. The two-way waterproof zipper can be (partially) opened at the bottom as well as at the top. You often see this in (long) coats and sportswear to increase freedom of movement. The Two-way waterproof coil zipper is widely used for (rain) coats, jacket pockets and bags because it (almost) does not let water pass through.