Carpet tape

Product specifications:

  • Material: Cotton
  • Length: Roll 100 meters
  • Applications: Carpet
  • Minimum order quantity:  1 Carton
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The best carpet binding tape

Carpet tape tape 40 millimeters, available on roll 100 meters, that is shown in the product image.

We deliver this product per box. This article is mainly applied in the Carpet making industry.

Carpet binding tape is a term used to identify three types of tapes used for carpet applications. One type has to do with keeping carpets and area rugs in place. The term is also used for a product that is used to bind up raw edges on carpets and carpet fragments. A third form has to do with joining two or more sections of carpeting to create a single piece.

Also custom carpet tape

When it comes to keeping a rug in place, a double-sided carpet tape product is often used. Adhesive found on both sides of the tape make it possible to create a strong bond between the backing of the carpet and the floor surface. This type of tape is usually found in rolls, as with any other type of tape product, and is an ideal solution for any carpeting that is not manufactured as a no-slip rug.