Automatic cutting machine

Product specifications:

  • Measurements: 560 415 x 410 mm
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power: 0.45KW
  • Weight: 23/28KG
  • Packaging: Box 1 Piece
  • Applications: Cutting cord, tape, webbing, ribbon, elastic, hook and loop
  • Minimum order quantity:  1 Carton
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Automatic cutting machine

For the perfect length cutting of products such as cord, tape, webbing, ribbon, elastic, velcro etc.. We now have in our assortment, the RIBBON&ROPE CUTTING MACHINE.
A easy-to-use and fast machine that can cut both hot and cold with an average cutting speed of 60 cuts per minute. It will take a lot of work off your hands for a very affordable price.

To support the machine with cutting elastics, we also have a extra module for the automatic cutting machine available here.


– Very easy to operate
– Hot and cold cutting
– Average cutting speed of 60 cuts per minute.
– Suitable for various types of ribbon, tape, velcro, cord, zippers etc.
– Adjustable lenght from 0 t/m 100mtr.
– Adjustable width from 1 t/m. 90mm
– Cut 2 straps simutaltaneously to a width of 40mm
– Cooling of the knife make long series possible .
– Low weight and takes up little space



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