Our long-time experience in the narrow textile branche combined with thirty years of improvement, challenges and growth have resulted in: That’s our standard! Therefore we can proudly offer the following standards to all of our customers:

Our standards 1

Knowledge of the customer,  applications, suppliers, raw materials, and production process. It’s all about knowledge. With internal textile training and “coaching on the job” we ensure that the product knowledge of our team is expanded every day.
That way we can think along with the customer and provide them the best advice.

Our standards 2

Our basic collection of 5000 products is always in large quantities on stock. This means that we always ship our products the same day.

After consultation, we add new items to our stock inventory.

This is valuable for you and it ensures that we are a reliable partner.

Our standards 3

Over the years we have built a network of reliable partners and we always are expanding this network.

With the optimization of our internal processes, our detailed knowledge of our products, the production process and the applications of our products. We can ensure high quality narrow textiles.

Our standards 4

Thinking in possibilities is in our DNA. That is why we like to think along with our customers so that they can finish their products perfectly.

We want to astonish our customers by doing more than expect. We constantly think along with, and advise our customers about our logistic process, so that we can guarantee a reliable planning.

Our standards 5

We are happy to think along with our customers about tailor-made narrow textiles and offer for the best solution!

By listening to the wishes and by asking, we can add value to you products. Evertything is possible at Ribbon & Rope.

Our standards 6

If you order before 3 p.m. the order will be shipped the same day.

Our employees take care of this process and work passionately and with a great sense of responsibility to ensure that our products are delivered quickly and without errors.